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 About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY**

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About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY** Empty
PostSubject: About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY**   About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY** Icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 1:05 am

There are several things we take into account when we are deciding on potential recruits. The first of those things is your application; it is your first impression upon us. One of the most important things to us as a guild is competence, and your first chance to convey to us that you are worth our time is through the writing of your application. If you send us an application that isn't well thought out, riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, or generally seems like you did not put a modicum of effort into it, we will most likely ignore you. Intelligence is paramount in this game; the encounters at the end-game level are not what they used to be, and in almost every single one of them each person must be accountable to make proactive and reactive decisions based on the information available to them for us to succeed. If it seems to us like you have the IQ of a well-ripened grapefruit, you do not stand a chance.

With that said, there are also several other things to take into account before you apply, and they are each described below in detail:

*The ability to adapt, learn and become a better player.
Chances are high that you are not Mohammed's gift to internet gaming. That means that you must always be looking to improve your skill as a player. As well, you have to be able to soak up vast amounts of information, whether that be during the learning procedures of a new encounter, or a set of tasks being assigned to you. You also must possess the ability to fill any role we need you for, and be able to function at a high level of performance no matter what job you are performing.
You need to be sociable, have a good sense of humor and be able to take a verbal beating.
As a guild, we love making things dead. That said, we also like to have fun, we laugh at overplayed internet memes and generally give each other a hard time. None of that, however, is possible if you have the social aptitude of a 2-year old. We expect that you will not annoy us with your mindless banter, have the ability to take a tongue lashing every once in awhile when you screw up and laugh at our jokes when we tell you to.

*You must be able to pay attention and focus on a task.
If you have the attention span of a peanut, you probably won't last long with us. Raiding is usually arduous, brain-intensive, focus-requiring stuff, and we don't have room for lemmings who can't handle that. If you find yourself constantly getting bored while getting ready to do a boss encounter and decide to listen to music or clip your toenails instead, you will quickly learn that won't work in our guild.

*You can't have a computer with a *TURBO* button to bump up its processor speed to 66MHz.
Shitty computers, shitty connections and shitty OS management leads to unreliable raid members. If you're constantly going offline to reboot your router or to restart your client because "me game's laggin," you won't have a spot in our raids. As well, you should be able to manage your in-game add-ons to a point where they don't complicate your job more than assist it.
You must show up to raids and you must be able to play a lot.

*You can't be an emo-mental-case-asshat.
We instill a "no-emo" policy here. If you're the type of person that can't handle group segregation, E-peen flexing, the occasional racial slur, vulgar and offensive language or if you are a loot whore and think you deserve everything, then this guild is not for you. You will be removed immediately if you are emo or become emo at any point during your stay here.

*You must be able to farm your own consumables.
This is a huge point that has to be taken seriously. Killing new bosses requires lots and lots of consumables. We simply cannot provide all our members with what it takes to kill a boss, so this means that each and every one of our raids spots is for people who can farm their own shit. This includes things like Flasks, Potions, Elixirs and any other expensive consumables. You MUST be able to meet this requirement or you will simply not make the cut.

*You must have already put a considerable amount of time into the game.
Your gear needs to reflect that you have made a concerted effort to obtain the best items you can get. Your spec should also reflect a concerted effort in proper talent selection. Gear and Spec go hand in hand in today's World of Warcraft. If you are lazy and expect others to bring you up to speed on how to spec/gear your class, you will not last long with us.

We aren't as hardcore as many other guilds, but we take the time we spend online seriously. On top of that, we keep a small roster (for many reasons), and that means we require high attendance from our members. We raid 3 nights a week (and if necessary, on our off-days too). If you can't make at least 80% of those raids you aren't for us. Our raid schedule is as follows:

   * Sunday: 7:30 - 11:00 PM CST
   * Monday: 7:30 - 11:00 PM CST
   * Wednesday: 7:30 - 11:00 PM CST


**You must not annoy us with questions about your application!
If we are interested in you, we will respond to your application. If we don't contact you within 2 weeks of your application submission, that's a very strong indication that we don't want you. If your application sucked, you didn't meet our requirements or you have a bad reputation for being an idiot, we most likely discarded your application right after it was read.

About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY** Alki-Sig-Element-web
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About Us / Joining Element Requirements**YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU APPLY**
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